Atom Kerosene Stove Sketches

Note: Drawings not to scale. This earlier version of the stove kit has different attachments and potholder mechanism, but the overall dimensions are similar.


A. Cutout for pot handle.

B. Length to top of brass tube (Varies with different stove models).

C. Full length of stainless rod which inserts about 3/4 inside brass tube legs. (Varies with different stove models).

D. Vertical stainless rod leg positions.

E. Allow clearance for stove to swing.

F. Drill 3/32 holes in stainless legs to match holes in brass tubes. Pin with stainless cotter rings.

G. Weld two stainless nuts to bottom ring directly under gimbal pins (H) in line with holes in U-bracket for gimbal lock bolts.

H. Gimbal pins 7/8 long with 3/32 holes drilled from ends. Pin with stainless cotter rings.

I. Thread a 12 ounce lead fishing counterweight to X 1 stainless bolt welded to bottom of leg. Stainless wing nut tightens lead into position.

J. Dimensions good for "Original Stove No. 1" model only.

Stove Support U-Bracket


Sketch Notes:

  1. All edges and corners rounded except bottom edges.
  2. Polish all surfaces except bottom.
  3. Angles bent 90 degrees.