In 2006 we refinished the exterior brightwork on this 1961 Hinckley Bermuda 40, Sabrina of St. Simon's Island. The owner wanted a traditional type marine varnish so we choose Epiphanes Gloss. We started by stripping off all hardware that could reasonably be removed, including cleats and winches, to ensure the varnish does not later lift from water intrusion around the edges of fittings. Using scrapers and sanding with 80 and then 120 grit we removed the old damaged finish. The damaged teak around the companionway was replaced. Four hatches and the washboards were removed and refinished in our shop while the boat was secured with temporary plywood covers.

Total time for this job for two people was about 140 hours over a four week period. We scheduled a maintenance coat every six months, which should keep it looking good indefinitely in these latitudes.


Step one: Remove as much hardware as possible, including winches, cleats, etc.


A minimum of six coats Epiphanes gloss varnish applied with two more coats planned for six months later.


The heavy sanding required to restore and level this badly weathered teak left a darker shade to the wood. In time, the natural bleaching effect of the sun will lighten the color to a light golden brown.


Sabrina, at her private dock in Brunswick, GA.