Atom stove installed on countertop


Atom Voyager stove kit

Atom Voyager Stove Kit - kerosene single burner pressure stove, stainless steel gimbaled potholder with lead counterweight, pan clamps, stainless steel U-bracket, preheat wick, six nozzle cleaning picks, two spare leather pump cups, two spare burners with twelve spare burner gaskets, spare burner flame ring, fuel funnel with brass filter screen, 800 cc plastic kerosene fuel filler bottle, 16 oz plastic alcohol bottle plus entire spare stove. Includes spare parts sufficient for several years of full time cooking. - $535 (No longer being produced as of 2013)

Available spare parts and accessories: (in stock)


Atom kerosene stove spares and accessories. Note the leather pump cup at upper right has a wood dowel and bolt to keep the cup spread during storage.

Note that if ordering burner, pump cups and gaskets for other stove brands purchased elsewhere, they may or may not fit.


Materials to make your own preheat wick. (Or buy our finished wick). From left: 1/16" TIG welding rod. The rod cut to length and bent. Stainless seizing wire to bind two 6" folded fiberglass wicks to holder. Finished wick at right.

Stove parts that require replacing most frequently are the burner, gaskets, leather pump cup and nozzle picks. You may get several years of part time service from the stove without using the spares if you use clean fuel and don't abuse it. Full time live-aboard cooks should have spares in stock.


800 cc plastic kerosene fill bottle - $8 (out of stock)


16oz alcohol jar for preheat wick - $5 (out of stock)


Leather pump cup only - $3 (in stock)


Pump cup with cup storage spreader - $4 (in stock)


Burner with two gaskets - $16 (in stock)


Solid brass burner flame ring - $6 (in stock)


Solid brass burner preheat bowl - $6 (in stock)


Four burner gaskets - $3 (Out of stock)


Preheat wick - $16 (in stock)


Three burner nozzle cleaning picks - $3 (in stock)


Spare stove only - $55 (out of stock)

(Update: Though my stove kits are no longer being produced, for those who want to make their own gimbal system, you may find a similar camp stove to the one pictured above on ebay or other online sources. They used to be available from St Pauls Merchantile, though I heard he had a factory fire in 2013 that at least temporarily closed the business. Some stoves have different burner thread size and pump diameter from mine, and the flame ring and preheat cup on other stoves are probably plated steel instead of solid brass. If you're concerned about them rusting, I have spares in stock that to retrofit those two parts.)

Spare parts shipping via UPS or USPS within US: $9

Please email for ordering info or questions.