At Cruising Yacht Services, based in Brunswick, GA, we offer products, consulting services, and specialize in fitting out sailboats for extended offshore cruising. We are also agents for Mack Sails, Garhauer Marine and other quality yacht equipment suppliers. 

It may take someone years to learn what improvements and modifications their boat needs for comfortable and safe cruising. Besides knowing what equipment is desirable to have and how to use it, it's also important to learn what you don't need. The standard cruising reference books are helpful, but don't answer all questions relating to your particular boat, your experience level, and your specific cruising goals. For several years I have worked with people new to cruising to help them realize their dreams sooner rather than later. Whether you learn from others or do it entirely on your own, my advice - begin your journey today!

Boat Shed
Our modest workshop with two boat sheds added in March 2010.

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