Trailer is a 2007 tandem axle converted equipment hauler rated to carry up to an 11,000 lb sailboat. The nine adjustable hull supports will fit any boat. I have used it to haul an Albin Vega 27, Pearson Triton 28 and an Alberg 30. Good condition, 2 5/16" ball hitch, 20' bed with treated lumber, extra keel support beams, full primer under paint, electric brakes on two 7,000 lb axles, spare tire. By unbolting the upright hull supports and inserting the included ramps the trailer becomes dual purpose to haul vehicles or equipment. Custom built by Down To Earth Trailers of Baxley, GA. $3,700. (SOLD) Photos below:

July 2011

Trailer with Albin Vega 27.


Same trailer carrying a Pearson Triton 28.

Setting up hull supports on trailer

Setting up the hull supports on a Pearson Triton 28